digitalelements apTrigga3 Sound Set
Sound library for apTrigga3
The digitalelements Sound Set is a collection of high quality close mic’d drum samples designed for drum track replacement and drum triggering. Designed exclusively for apTrigga3, the presets can be used in studio and live applications while triggering from various input sources such as microphones, drum triggers and e-drum pads which are connected directly to your audio interface/sound card inputs.

As a well rounded drummers’ toolbox, the set includes a wide variety of acoustic and analog presets that have been multi sampled with a high level of detail for natural performance. Multiple dynamic levels coupled with multiple samples in each dynamic layer (random robin), create extremely natural and musical playback.

Designed specifically for layering and enhancing acoustic kits with a bit of analog love, the utilities presets include sine wave, noise, and spike samples to accentuate attack, and fundamental properties of your acoustic tracks and live drum kits. they also make great add-ons to any live kit with e-drum pads.

The drumbox collection of presets are vintage and classic drum machines along with analog drum module samples that provide those old familiar retro and old school flavors.

  • 269 presets in 7 categories.
  • 250 megabytes of sample data.
  • Kicks: Acoustic and synthetic single sample and multi-layer bass drums.
  • Snares: Modern & vintage models.
  • Toms: Classic sizes with various head and tuning methods.
  • drumbox: 145 vintage drum machine sounds. Kick, snare, tom, clap, cross stick, percussion.
  • Analog Drums: Classic drum modules and synths. Kick, snare & tom.
  • FX: Dynamic and realtime performance presets.
  • Utilities: Noise, sine wave and spike samples & isolated snare underside samples (for acoustic layering).
  • Click to view the full list of presets included.
Purchasing the Sound Set
  • The digitalelements apTrigga3 Sound Set costs USD 25.
  • The purchase process is handled by DigitalRiver.
  • Payment options: credit card, wire, check, PayPal
  • After the purchase you will receive individual download links from DigitalRiver. Use your apTrigga3 serial to install the Sound Set. It comes as installers for Mac OS X and Windows.
Buying and using the digitalelements Sound Set requires a valid apTrigga3 license. Please enter your apTrigga3 serial to start the purchase.
You can look up and copy/paste your serial on the plugin preferences pane under "Edit Serial/ID..".

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